AS Receives Praise for a Job Well Done

Aug 11, 2021

AS Receives Praise for a Job Well Done

Washington Chambers

Alabama Shipyard's maxim is "Anchored in SAFETY, QUALITY and the PURSUIT of EXCELLENCE". We are so pleased to hear this echoed back to us in our most recent Contractor Performance Assessment Report from our customer regarding our performance on the USNS Washington Chambers.

Notable comments are:

"AS has an approach unlike any other shipyard: Customer First. AS ensured that the satisfaction of the customer was maintained throughout. The AS Management, from the President down to the deck plate supervision checked in frequently to ensure that the expectation of the customer was being met or exceeded.

AS Management has an open door policy. They make time to ensure that the MSC project team can meet and discuss items as they come up. Any issue brought up was acted upon in a timely manner. They always followed up on any corrective action taken. Throughout the maintenance period, The President, General Manager and Operational Manager would check in to see how the project was progressing from the perspective of the customer, and they would tour the vessel as well with the Project Manager and Ship Superintendent. They were very well engaged and knowledgeable of the status of the project, as well as the other onsite project. They were also well versed in how all of the project interacted together."

We are most appreciative to our customer for this high praise, and the assurance that we are hitting the mark. A huge thank you to EVERY member of the AS Shipyard team. This report is exactly what we strive for.