Alabama Shipyard Says Farewell to CEO John Herren

Jun 11, 2021

Alabama Shipyard Says Farewell to CEO John Herren

CEO, John Herren receives a parting gift from staff.

Alabama Shipyard announces today that its President and Chief Executive Officer John Herren will leave the company this month to be closer to his family. “At this time, my responsibly to care for the needs of my family at home must come before my ASY family. Sadly, this makes remaining in Mobile an impossibility that I hope you’ll understand.”, John said in a letter to his employees.

Though John’s daily involvement in the decisions made on the yard will pass to his colleagues, John will be joining the Alabama Shipyard Board of Directors as Chairman, so his presence and experience will continue to positively impact the company. CFO, Tim DeLong and Lee Stokes, Vice President of Operations and General Manager will work side by side until the Board of Directors appoints a new CEO. “We fully support John’s decisions and are grateful to have him join our Board, helping us continue to grow into the powerhouse Alabama Shipyard is quickly becoming. John created this family culture of fairness, transparency, impeccable reputation, and value for our customers. We are still completely sold on his vision.”

Tim Delong, CFO said, “Business is great and our numbers are optimistic. Of course we wish circumstances would allow John to stay, but all things considered, he couldn’t have left us in a better position. He’s done a very good job.”

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