Services We Offer

American Marine Technical Solutions (AM-Tech) is a marine construction services provider, specializing in bulkhead installation and repair, dredging, and heavy lift support.

Bulkhead Installations

We build structures to prevent erosion and protect the shoreline from waves and tides


We use specialized equipment to drive piles into the ground to support foundations, bridges, piers, and docks

Docks & Piers

We design and construct docks and piers for different uses and activities, such as boating and commerce


Dredge Material Management Area- We manage dredge spoil sites, maximizing capacity and utilization


We remove sediments and debris from the bottom of waterways to improve water flow and quality

Heavy Lift Services

We use cranes, barges, and other equipment to lift and move heavy objects or materials on land or water


Tom Boynton

  • 30+ years of marine construction industry experience
  • General contractor licensed in Alabama
  • Received his B.S. in Civil Engineering from Michigan Technological University

Our mission is to provide innovative technical solutions to meet the needs of our customers, focusing on quality, schedule, and budget