Established over 100 years ago, Alabama Shipyard provides unparalleled service that is on time and on budget.

Alabama Shipyard was originally known as Alabama Dry Dock and Shipbuilding Company. As one of the original nine emergency yards funded by the U.S. Maritime Commission during WWII, it became one of the largest employers in South Alabama while producing Liberty Ships and T-2 Tankers for the war effort.

Over the years, the shipyard has employed thousands of people most notably Jimmy Buffet, his father, JD Buffet as well as Hank Williams, Sr.

Now known as Alabama Shipyard, our fully-equipped facility continues to be a fundamental part of Mobile’s history. We remain dedicated to upholding the longstanding tradition of providing first-class service to the Gulf Coast.



Over the first 74 years in business, Alabama Dry Dock and Shipbuilding Company constructed over 700 barges/ships and repaired thousands of vessels. The company was founded in December 1916 when D. R. Dunlap, president of Alabama Iron Works, and his cousin, George H. Dunlap, bought and consolidated several smaller dry-dock companies, which provided facilities for shipping companies and related industries and government agencies to raise ships out of the water to make repairs and check for damage. {source}


As Atlantic Marine, Inc, the shipyard constructed over 60 barges/ships and repaired over 800 vessels in 20 years. The company offered a variety of services, including shipbuilding, ship repairs, maintenance and conversion, and also steel fabrication for industrial uses. The Alabama drydock facility was capable of servicing vessels of up to 46,400 tons, including cargo and cruise ships, and also offered repair and conversion facilities for "drilling rigs" and semi-submersibles that served the offshore oil industry. {source}



In 2010, BAE acquired the shipyard from JFL-AMH Partners LLC of Florida. The Mobile site along with a site in Jacksonville, FL became BAE Systems Southeast Shipyards doing vessel maintenance, repairs, conversions, marine fabrication and construction. As BAE Systems Southeast Shipyards, 6 barges/ships were constructed and over 200 vessels were repaired. {source}

2018 – Present

Today, Alabama Shipyard is the best choice for a ship repair in Mobile Alabama. We own one of the largest drydocks in the Gulf of Mexico (The Alabama Dry Dock) and provide drydocking and ship repair services. We've been around for a hundred years and plan on being around for another hundred years.